Diary of a Homeless Man: Day 1 of 7

Mark D

26th October. Day 1:

After handing over the keys to my flat and my bankcard to be locked in the safe I left Mustard Tree with only a sleeping bag and a small food parcel. I started making my way into the city centre, on my way I passed a couple of young kids. Seeing the way I was dressed and that I was carrying a sleeping I had my first reaction….‘scruff!’ they shouted as I walked past. I had been out less than 10 minutes and at that point I knew it was going to be a long week. When I arrived in town I went and sat in Piccadilly gardens it was rush hour and everyone was going home from work. I suddenly became very self-conscious and after a few people walked past me and looked at me like I was a piece of dirt I felt to uncomfortable to stay there so I retreated to the outskirts of the city centre, I could feel old emotions flooding back, I was feeling very defensive, insecure and nervous of other people. I arrived back in Piccadilly later that night and spent some time sat in the gardens pondering the week ahead, I had been out for just 6 hours but it felt like I’d been out so much longer than that, it was getting cold and the only food I had had was a tin of sardines which I had to eat cold with my fingers. I was starting to think about where I would sleep that night when a guy approached me, he was smartly dressed in his forties maybe and he seemed very interested in me. I knew almost immediately what he was after but I felt compelled to see how he would go about it so even though it sickened me I engaged in conversation with him. He asked me if I was homeless and when I told him I was his eyes almost lit up. He asked where I had spent the previous night and I told him I had slept near the gardens (Piccadilly), he then asked what I was doing for food. I told him I had been getting by o.k. and he then mentioned about how cold it was getting and when I agreed with him he then asked me if I would like to go and stay at his place in Longsight. ‘No thanks’ I replied. ‘Why not?’ He said. ‘‘Because I’m fine where I am and I don’t want to’ I told him. It was then he stepped his game up and started preying on my vulnerabilities as a young homeless person. ‘Why would you want to stay out here cold and hungry with nowhere to sleep when you can come to mine and get a hot meal and have a warm bed to sleep in?’ I was getting annoyed now and sternly said ‘I told you I’m fine’ He then outright offered me the chance to go and live with him and told me he would really like to have sex with me. I almost felt like I was in some kind of https://www.tubev.sex/search?search=xxx film, expected to accept this ludicrous request. I almost blew my top. I had heard enough and told him he had better leave me alone for his own sake. He casually said o.k. and that he would see me around before walking off. I was rattled and felt quite sick and angry. It was such a sinister experience and the worst thing was I could see why so many young homeless men end up being exploited into becoming sex workers…. After that I got on the move looking for somewhere to bed down for the night but everywhere I went seemed to be busy even though it was like 1 am. Aware of the stories I had heard about homeless guys being beaten up and even urinated on by revellers in town I looked for somewhere away from the pubs and clubs and where there was less people traffic. I eventually settled on St. Annes Square and found a vacant doorway just in the nick of time as it had started to rain. After getting in my sleeping bag I felt so vulnerable and scared. Every time I tried to close my eyes I heard someone shout or heard glass being smashed. I’m not sure what time I drifted off but when I woke there was 2 guys stood over me, I quickly jumped up and grabbed my bag. It turned out to be a couple of other homeless guys who thought they might know me, after they realised that they didn’t they apologised and moved on but I was restless after that and the street sweepers were out now. I had about 2 ½ hours sleep, it was 5:30 and I was back on the move.

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