Homeless Diary – Day 3

With my feet swollen and my legs ceased up due to the cold and the wet, I slowly made my way towards the centre of town. I was limping badly on both legs and every step I took was agony and almost brought tears to my eyes, on top of that I was feeling really ill my throat was raw and my chest was hurting because I was coughing so badly. I was furious about the night before, I had heard stories about homeless guys being moved on by the police from the more ‘desirable’ parts of the city but to experience it myself was such a demoralising feeling and I just could not believe how they went about it. Ignorant, insensitive and downright cruel is how I would describe it. I felt like an irrelevant piece of dirt that was being swept under the rug. I couldn’t walk much so I sat around until the Booth centre opened, I had a few hot drinks and a chat with Mike one of the staff, he was a friendly guy and talking to him about the guys on the street and the difficulties they face encouraged me to carry on. I got a new pair of socks and left. My next stop was Mustard Tree for some clean clothes and it was so good to see the ‘family’. I really wanted to give up and go home at this point but I was determined to see it through. Just hearing the words of support from the staff and volunteers was a massive boost and I knew I was doing the right thing by carrying on. As I couldn’t walk to well I didn’t do much after leaving Mustard Tree, I felt a little better in some fresh clothes but decided to rest my legs knowing I had a long way to go through the week. I was sat in Exchange Square watching t.v. when a lady approached me. ‘Here you go’ she said handing me £5! I just looked at her. She smiled and told me to go and get something to eat and drink. I was shocked. ‘Thanks’ I said and just watched as she walked off. I was touched. It was the first bit of kindness I had received from the general public and it felt a lot better than the dirty looks and passing comments I had received. I spent the night back in St. Annes Square, I felt so tired and knew I wouldn’t get much sleep due to the street cleaners but my legs were to sore to look for somewhere else and I knew in terms of people passing through it was relatively quiet.

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