Food Award Winners!

Winners of the Manchester Community Foodie Award.

We are delighted to be able to say that we are the very happy winners of this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival Community Food Award.  This was awarded to us in recognition of our good use of food in various projects including: volunteer community Kitchen, cookery classes, soup runs and community Food Safety training.

The Mustard Tree aims to support a diverse range of people including those who struggle to provide good quality, healthy food for themselves and their families.  We work with organisations such as Sainsburys, Hollands Pies, Quayside Bakeries and Fareshare to make sure people in this situation can eat healthily and well.  By doing this we help divert food waste and support those who have hit difficult times.  We are also in the middle of harvest time and have been greatly blessed, alongside the excellent Booth Centre, to receive huge amounts of food from Churches and Schools across Greater Manchester.

Although food doesn’t solve the long term issues and complex situations that many of our clients face it can make bigger difference than many expect.  To someone who is struggling to survive living on the streets, being served with a decent, tasty and filling plate of food not only fills the stomach but suggests that that person is still worth being cooked and cared for.  For those who often feel neglected and given up on, a plate of warm food suggests the opposite and can help start the journey of finding hope and rebuilding.

So it is with very rewarding to have been given this award and we will continue to strive to provide good food for those who really need it.

Thank you to all who voted for us.

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