Angels vs Demons Exhibition Open on Thursday 8ht November 2012

Residents and visitors to Manchester city centre were invited to experience the first in-depth exhibition by one of the region’s most inspiring visual artists, Graham Hudson.

Entitled Angels Vs Demons, the exhibition featured brand new works by 52-year-old Hudson as well as acclaimed paintings spanning his entire career. The exhibition was opened at The Mustard Tree on Thursday 8 November 2012 with a free reception and refreshments for the general public.

Graham Hudson said the following about the Exhibition:

I was overjoyed with the attendance, not merely with the number of people that came to see but with the reaction to the work on the walls. It was also great to see friends of old and friends new alongside friends to be. Family were also there. So big thanks to all who came to view and of course those who supported and helped beyond he call of duty. New relationships were forged across the board and for myself many new relationships afoot, Beltin!

The Mustard Tree 1st Floor was transformed again and even if I say so myself, it looks amazing! I sold 6 of the new works and generated 2 new commissions, thank you to those buyers too.

Even our C.E.O. Adrian Nottingham was lost for words, for a short while anyway! I was honoured by 2 very special guests, Andrew Brown, who in fact was the man who amongst a lot of good things he did for me at the beginning of my Mustard Tree journey, gave me the opportunity to paint again, without that act of belief who knows, my life could be very different now.

I would also dearly like to thank Nick Betney, the owner of Artzu Art Gallery, Manchester, without his massively kind donation of canvasses, well I would not have had the freedom to experiment as I did before having the technique and confidence to produce this most recent body of work.

Indeed, without his kindness there would be less work produced by the regular classes here at Mustard Tree, So on behalf of all in the Art department none more than myself. Thank you and what a beautiful gallery space it is you run.

Then of course my guest of honour and as I said in my speech at the exhibition, Paul Wenham is not only the guest of honour at the exhibition but in my life.

“He travelled all the way from Hastings on the train, only to spend an hour at the exhibition then, straight back on a train and home to East Sussex”

It was a success in so many ways. I love this life of mine and all in it. I look forward to every day and even more to the next time I can produce a body of work I believe in and feel confident enough in to exhibit.

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