Haydn’s Story

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For me, leadership means the following things:

  • Leading by example
  • Correcting your mistakes
  • Believing in yourself, no matter what


My time in the leadership group has helped me to learn some key things about these three aspects of leadership.


Firstly, it is about me having a second chance in life. I can now use the mistakes that I’ve made to put things right with others. Helping other people gives them hope and offers them the possibility of a second chance as well.

Correcting my mistakes and leading by example is best shown in my family relationships.

For my mum: I was always the child that caused her the most concern. But now she can let go of that. In fact, she is going to be depending on me more and more in life.


For my son: I see history repeating itself. Just like I left him at a young age, he is now currently unable to be a father to his son. Meanwhile he is negative towards me; but when he is in really deep trouble, it is my door he comes to.


For my grandson: I am able to fulfil my duty to him and do what his father cannot do. Taking this responsibility is creating change for my grandson. It also makes me incredibly happy.

During the leadership project I’ve changed the way I think about myself. Before, I couldn’t get my head around the label of being a “role model.” Now, I know that I am one. It makes me proud; it frees me from some of the worry about myself and makes me work even harder to better it.

At work, I know I do my best as a role model. It is all in the details for me: the way I treat the volunteers, the way I talk to customers, the way I pick the furniture, the way I try to save fuel costs. I love my job.

Believing in myself the way that I do now frees me from the stress and worry I used to have when I thought I was a bad person. I hope my life encourages other people to believe that they can change as well.


Haydn drives one of Mustard Tree’s three vans, collecting and delivering furniture for customers, and supplying the Eccles and Little Hulton stores. He initially came to Mustard Tree in 2010 as a participant on the Freedom Project.

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