During my time in Syria, I was involved in political activism against the government. As it became a threat to live in Syria, I fled the country and came to United Kingdom as an asylum. I applied to become a Freedom Participant at Mustard Tree as I wanted to feel productive. I knew this would be a valuable time for me because I would be able to gain experience which would support me in my prospective career.

In the initial months, I struggled to understand the English accent but by interacting with customers and staff members, the accent became second nature to me. I found the art classes therapeutic, drawing really helped me de-stress and have a positive and clearer outlook. Furthermore, I have been able to build experience in the retail area and assist the charity with preparing applications for fundraising activities. It’s been a great pleasure to get involved with the fundraising aspect of Mustard Tree, I have found it an interesting learning curve.

I was granted a refugee status after five months of arriving to United Kingdom; this has opened up many doors for me. I feel empowered and view this as the ‘start of my life’. I am in the process of applying for jobs, I feel optimistic and believe I will in a good position in the near future and would like to thank Mustard Tree for their support. 

It is my very desire to pursue my education and apply for a postgraduate course at university. I would also like to find employment and give back to society. Mustard Tree has given me the self-assurance and confidence that I once nearly lost.

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