I had just come out of rehab the week before starting the programme. I needed something to do to keep my mind busy and positive. If you are busy you don’t have time to think of the negative things in life. Joining the programme has also given me a chance to mix with others. Before I had no confidence and I honestly didn’t think I would be able to stick at being on the programme. I am now attending for three full days each week.

Just being around people has helped a lot. I like what I’m doing and I’ve made some new friends. Being on the programme makes you feel more confident. It makes you feel that you can achieve what you want to if try.

One of the great things is growing in confidence. I’ve found it that it’s hard to be bored or sad because there are always other people around you here. The staff are helpful and have an understanding of what’s going on and where I’m coming from. I’ve also been able to get some practical help, including furniture and a bed for my flat – as I didn’t have one before. Now I’m getting a good night’s sleep!

I haven’t changed what I would like to do, but I feel that there is now hope that I can do it! In the future I would like to be a drug and alcohol worker, supporting others that have been on the journey that I’ve been through. It’s still early days, but I’m proving to my self that I can stick at things, which gives me confidence that I can get there. As a result of the programme, I feel I’m also learning to be a better mum for my grown up kids. I am now able to give them advice, support and help when they need it.

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