Before joining Mustard Tree I was sat at home doing nothing. I found out about Mustard Tree’s Freedom Project and I saw it as an opportunity not to miss. Now I’m doing something which is giving me new skills, and I’m really enjoying the job I do.

In the 3 months I’ve been on the project, I’ve been given to opportunity to be a warehouse supervisor helping to organise furniture collections and deliveries. In this role I feel I’m developing my leadership skills. I’m supporting different people, deciphering their skills and helping to bring the best out of others. Since being part of the project my outlook has improved and I feel totally different about myself. I’ve improved as a person both physically and mentally. I guess this is from being a valued member of a team, the responsibilities I have, and the trust placed in me. Each day I’m coordinating up to 30 people across the warehouse. At the end of the day it gives me a big sense of satisfaction to be helping make a difference.

Before coming to Mustard Tree I had run out of motivation to look for work. The Project has brought it back. Since being on the project, I’m not looking for work because I have to, but because I want to! I’m also physically fitter as a result of the project – working in the warehouse a good substitute for going to the gym!

I would love to get a job in warehousing, or something similar. I feel I’ve massively built my skills and look forward to using these in a paid role in the future.

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