I joined the Freedom Project simply for something to do. All I did was smoke cannabis all the time and I wanted a change. Since starting at Mustard Tree I’ve been involved with a lot of things here, including the job club, circuit training and volunteering in the shop. Going to counselling has been especially good for me, as has meeting all the good people at Mustard Tree.

I’m a much calmer person now than I used to be – I don’t get wound up as easily. My self-confidence and self-belief have really grown too. I enjoy my time at Mustard Tree, especially working in the shop and dealing with customers. It has been a good experience for me – the best move I ever made.

If you’d have asked me before the project what the future held for me, I would have said: “Nothing.” Now life is changing for the better. I’ve started to going to church and to an Alpha course, and I’m looking forward to attending the customer services course next month. I’m also hoping to get my own flat and find a paid job at some point.

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