Pauline P

I was originally on the Get Ready! programme, which was run jointly by Business in the Community and Mustard Tree. At the end of the programme I moved onto the Freedom Project because I wanted to fill my time and continue receiving support from Mustard Tree.

The most beneficial thing about being on the project has been the help and understanding I have received from the staff at Mustard Tree. It has enabled me to make a great many changes in my life.

When I first started volunteering at Mustard Tree I was an alcoholic. The Freedom Project team have provided me with a mentor, a recovered alcoholic himself, who I meet up with every week. They also referred me onto one of Mustard Tree counsellors, who I have been meeting with weekly. Thanks to these avenues of support I have now been sober for 11 months. My time at Mustard Tree has taught me to have respect for myself and for other people. It has empowered me to change my life.

For now, I’d like to keep volunteering at Mustard Tree. I have gained a lot of confidence from being here and have been inspired never to give up hope and to stay strong. With this in mind, my main hope in life is to get my kids back and have them live with me again.

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