I joined the Freedom Project because I wanted to get back into a working routine after a long period doing almost nothing. During that time I had been getting more and more depressed and I needed to break that cycle. Up until early last year, I was still planning suicide and things were pretty bleak.

Since coming to Mustard Tree I have been given various opportunities to prove that I can and will work well. These have been tremendously important to me. Being trusted and valued by the people at Mustard Tree and has been of great benefit.

After 6 months as a volunteer on the project, I’ve now moved onto full-time hard labour: working at StandFirm, which is absolutely fantastic. From the time I first started volunteering at Mustard Tree I really hoped I could get a job at StandFirm. Now I have, and I love it – many thanks!

This has changed everything. Now I have a pretty good job to go to every day and I am working with & getting to know a lot of really good people. For now I feel that I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish, and I’m very happy continuing to do what I am doing for a good while!

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