Having an Impact

Mustard Tree offers a wide range of furniture, clothes and household goods. Some of the stock is new but the big majority is pre-loved at prices we believe are hard to match anywhere in Greater Manchester. Our shops operate as far more than just retail spaces being the entry point for people seeking support from one of the other services that Mustard Tree offers. They are the front door to our community, and we aim to treat everyone looking for support with dignity and care.

In collaboration with City West Housing Trust, we currently operate a voucher scheme that gifts £150 worth of furniture to new tenants who were previously homeless so they can start to build a home. This allows tenant’s access to affordable household items, which we know will have a positive impact on their quality of life.

City West carried our a piece of research into the social, financial, economical and environmental benefits of the voucher scheme from April 2014 – March 2015 and found that 132 vouchers were cashed by tenants worth £12,191 of furniture sales. Of those surveyed;

  • 53% did not have any furniture before receiving a voucher
  • 100% found the vouchers useful
  • 47% were able to move in quicker due to the vouchers
  • 2 out of 19 (11%) said it stopped them getting into / increasing debt (which is 15 customers when 11% applied to all who received the vouchers).

One customer said “I had everything in my family home and left with nothing for the sake of my kids. Me and my son believe that without the help of Mustard Tree, we’d be in a very poor condition. You helped with beds, cabinets, table, dining table, chairs and furniture for living room.” Another tells us “You helped to get a bed, some where to sleep, and table to eat. Without these vouchers it is impossible.”

Adrian Nottingham, CEO of Mustard Tree said “When City West offered to collaborate with us on the voucher scheme, we were immediately very interested because straight away we could see the positive impact this would be to our beneficiaries. Together, we are able to provide an affordable, safe, warm and comfortable home, something that every member of society should have the right to. City West has been one of our strongest partners over recent years, we value every offer of support and every donation, being acutely aware that we couldn’t continue to make a difference in the lives of those who come to us for help, without the partnership of like-minded people“.

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Read the full report here.

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