The Patron’s Lunch

The four of us; Emily and Shaun, Freedom Project participants at Mustard Tree and Victoria and Christine, Soup Run Leaders, arrived at Piccadilly Station early in the morning to catch the first train down to London. After introducing ourselves we enjoyed each other’s company on the journey, looking forward to the day ahead.

On our arrival at Euston, we jumped straight into a taxi which dropped us off at our specified gate to enter the Mall whereupon we faced the elements, huddling under one umbrella whilst queuing for our waterproof ponchos! Dripping wet we arrived at our table which was the second table from the front and then rushed off to collect our gorgeous M&S Hampers.

After happily tucking into some great British grub, we enjoyed the entertainment procession down the Mall, taking hundreds of pictures and mingling with other guests from charities in Manchester. A good number of the Royal family then came out and greeted the crowds, with the down-to-earth Prince Andrew speaking to the guests in our area, sympathising with everyone about the restrictions on bringing umbrellas.

The Patron's Lunch

Soon after, Her Majesty appeared with Prince Phillip in an open top car. They progressed slowly down the Mall, waving to the cheering crowds and smiling at everyone. Prince William gave a touching speech in which he spoke about how proud he was of his ‘granny’. The Royals then made their way back up the Mall to sit directly in front of us on a sheltered platform to enjoy more of the exciting entertainment which focused on aspects of the different decades.

After such a brilliant day we slowly made our way home, thankful to Mustard Tree for giving us such a wonderful and truly memorable opportunity.

Written by Victoria, Soup Run Leader

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