Andy’s Sculpture at The Lowry Hotel

Andy, one of Mustard Tree’s Freedom Project participants, is having a sculpture exhibited at The Lowry Hotel this month. Andy spent 6 years in the Cheshire Regiment as a machine gunner in wartime and a Musician in the Drummer Corps in peacetime. In 2011 Andy was diagnosed with PTSD, as a result he was unable to control his emotions and spent some time in prison and has suffered two heart attacks.

Andy joined a Royal British Legion project using art to aid his recovery, along with a number of other veterans. The exhibition is running until the 11th of July at The Lowry Hotel.

Andy’s sculpture was made to physically put his emotions in the limelight. In his sculpture Andy has created a chain that represents emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour; both positive and negative. The figure in the sculpture is Andy and he is putting all of his efforts into replacing the bad parts of the chain with positive ones.


The sculpture will also be going to London later in the year.

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