Help us fund a new van – a vehicle of opportunity

Answer me this… when is a van more than a van?

When it collects and delivers items to sell across our three shops in Manchester and Salford, generating one third of our income

When it enables someone who may have been homeless or got a new tenancy, to get the furniture and white goods they need to live comfortably and make it home – from us, for free

When each driver is also a Driver Mentor, who is trained to support Mustard Tree volunteers who may be rough sleeping, long-term unemployed or facing other barriers in life. They gain vital skills confidence and resilience through meaningful opportunity and potentially find work
Our vans are vehicles of opportunity: they allow us to open the doors to our services for so many people. However, vans, with insurance costs too, can be quite difficult to pay for sometimes. However, you can minimise the amount of money spent on vans by looking for cheap van insurance for under 21 online.


Two of our three van fleet have failed their MOT at the end of 2017. Our oldest is 13 years old and being held together with gaffer tape! They are vital to every aspect of our work tackling both the causes and consequences of poverty – could you help us fund a replacement? You will be funding so much more than just a van.
Make your resolution to create opportunity and combat homelessness and poverty in 2018 – if you can help us in any way, whether by donating funds, or through your connections or businesses please contact We would love to hear from you.
We are using Street Support to advertise our need, a brilliant online resource and network connecting organisations with people and resources to help combat homelessness in Manchester collaboratively. By coordinating our efforts, every small action can make a big difference and be directed where it will be most effective. Please click here to see our van request and learn more about the great work they do

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