Easter appeal

Easter appeal

The story of Easter is the perfect metaphor for what happens at Mustard Tree every day.

People overcome seemingly impossible odds, to build a brighter future.

As Dave says:

When I was fourteen I was taken in to care as my mother could not cope. Whilst in care I built up my confidence to the point that aged only fifteen I plucked up all the courage that I could muster to tell my therapist that my mother and uncle abused me when I was younger. This lead to a police investigation and my Uncle was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Life caught up with me and when I was 19 I started my long slide into the prison service and I spent eight years just yo-yo-ing in and out of prison. A further knock for me was the break-down of my relationship and the loss of contact with my son, although this was the hardest thing for me it also gave me the hardest kick up the backside I have ever had. I decided there and then that I was never going back to prison. I decided I wanted to start again.

I joined the mustard tree family last year, determined I wanted to make a change. I was feeling down, worthless and like I was no use to anybody, but I started volunteering in the shop and I was amazed by the amount of friendship and camaraderie that I felt at being a part of that team. This was a new feeling for me as I had never felt part of a team or family before. I am no longer on my own trying to fight the world. I have a network of support to cheer me on and make me feel I can achieve anything,

It is really hard for me to verbalise just how important being part of Mustard Tree is to me, it has taken me from feeling I am worthless to feeling as though I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

This Easter you can help bring new life and a new opportunity for people like Dave by donating to Mustard Tree here. Anything you can give will make a difference for people in Greater Manchester. Thankyou 


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