Mustard Tree Podcast Launch

Mustard Tree is incredibly proud to present our new venture…our Podcast!

This 10 week project will let you in behind the scenes of Mustard Tree with our amazing people! Have a listen (hyperlink) to our first one, exploring the importance of belief in people and the inner workings of our retail department, as well as so much more.

Created and starring people who come to Mustard Tree to create and find new opportunities for themselves and their families, let our fabulous Freedom volunteers introduce you to what makes Mustard Tree the place to be for them.

Simon Leroux from Stretch is facilitating this new project at Mustard Tree as part of our programme teaching digital skills to combat underemployment, unemployment and lack of opportunities. As Simon says: “This is a great new direction for a creative project within Mustard Tree so more people can get an insight into the work that goes on here and teaching new skills in production. Everyone worked really hard on getting the first one out and James made a brilliant presenter- can’t wait to work on the next one”. Go to their website here

Go to our exhibition space and click on the mic image at the bottom for our first episode  Follow our Soundcloud account to keep up to date with our episodes and new music releases from our recording studio 


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