Volunteer Story – John

Volunteer Story – John

Our Friends of Mustard Tree volunteers are so vital in helping Mustard Tree to open the doors and run our services every day. As a weekly average, they have contributed 184 hours to make our classes and courses happen and provide even more learning opportunities that are increasingly volunteer led. John has been so important in running Job Club; half day sessions to help with every aspect of finding meaningful work– from job searching, CV writing to reference help. Thanks to the commitment and passion of John and others, we can provide these sessions as a platform at Mustard Tree from which people can move forward and we couldn’t do this without them. This volunteers week, he shared his experiences.

“I have been at Mustard Tree for 3 years helping to run Job Club weekly, offering my support and knowledge in people’s journeys to find work. I have seen the Oldham Road building as it was before the big refurbishment and it’s been amazing to see it progress. We just didn’t have the facilities to accommodate all the people that needed the support. But now we have much better resources – it’s great to work in the IT suite!

I finished work at 65 after a long career in HR and loving it, so for me volunteering here is all about trying to pass on that experience to others so they can feel like that too. My colleague had worked with Mustard Tree and she recommended it to me – said it was fantastic. I just applied and they said for me to try it and see what happened. I’ve never stopped since. Its great to be so involved and part of an organisation; I feel trusted to just get on with it. Every day I come home to my wife and say that it’s fantastic because it really is.

I really enjoy volunteering at Job Club because I just love talking to people and building that relationship. It’s all about helping people to believe in themselves and it’s priceless to see that happen. I always say “what can we do today to help you get there” and make small steps towards their goal to find meaningful work.

Volunteering is so important because people learn every day, including myself. I have learnt from so many people here and I find so much value in passing on my knowledge and experiences to hopefully increase the value people see in themselves. Its about reaching out when you don’t have to and the feeling you get, you can’t match it. I would recommend it to anyone, especially at Mustard Tree! It’s simply a fantastic place.”

Friends of Mustard Tree are the people we trust most to live our values every day and lead as a brilliant example of the way we communicate and connect with each other. If its something you want to find out more about, email volunteering@mustardtree.org.uk for an application form or check out our current opportunities here http://www.mustardtree.org.uk/support-us/giving-your-time/

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