Josh’s Story

Josh, 20, joined Mustard Tree on our employability and life skills program Freedom earlier this year. After experiencing mental trauma, he has now found a passion for catering and has recently been successful in getting a job, as a kitchen porter and waiter in Manchester! Here is Josh’s story in his own words.

“I for the longest time began to think I was nothing and that I was completely incapable of doing anything right, culminating three years ago in an episode of absolute mental trauma that shattered me to the very core.

Since I joined Mustard Tree, I have learnt these two things.1) That when a clear goal of betterment is set with a method of achieving it,it can be accomplished. 2) That a deeply rooted sense of meaning is to be found in the adoption of ensuring even the smallest of tasks is done well. Restoring a sense of order in the chaos we can live in.

The fact that Mustard Tree provides a space where responsibility is given and self-betterment is encouraged is a miracle. It is where competency is nurtured and skills that develop self-worth are gained.

Despite only being 20, I have seen what happens when responsibility in abandoned, being is scorned and lies have their tendrils around your throat. Whilst I will spare the details, I will share the final result. I did attend university for two years studying music but became increasingly unhappy and disengaged.. I couldn’t go back to university but I needed to do something and know I was capable again.

Thankfully I proved myself wrong at Mustard Tree and in doing so, I have established a deeper sense of precisely what it is I’m capable of doing.

What I needed was a place where I could learn that I can do things and know I can become something more and Mustard Tree is that place for me.”

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