Andrew’s Story

Andrew’s Story

Andrew (33), came to Mustard Tree following a period of imprisonment and uncertainty around his future, falling out of employment for over five years. He is now about to embark on a new hospitality career after a successful spell on Mustard Tree’s lifeskills and employability programme – ‘Freedom’. This is his story of progression and newly discovered confidence.

“I was really down in the dumps for over five years before I discovered Mustard Tree – free from prison but passed from pillar to post by four different probation officers. Being autistic and low on confidence, I didn’t know where to turn.

Eventually, Andrew was referred to Mustard Tree in September 2018. After attending an open day and meeting people who were already on the Freedom Project – he decided to give it a go.

“On my first day I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted to work in the kitchen, which is where my training began. I met the chef, who discussed my previous experience and introduced me to the rest of the team. As kitchen work hasn’t always been my area of expertise, Rob – another Freedom volunteer – really took me under his wing and helped me settle my nerves”.

Andrew continued to train as an assistant in Mustard Tree’s kitchen two days a week, developing skills and attaining qualifications such as food hygiene, as well as growing his confidence.

“Mustard Tree provided a real working environment, they kept me on track and towards my ultimate goal of finding full-time employment. My confidence has increased ten-fold, and I’m not afraid to speak my mind and ask for help – which is still quite difficult from a male standpoint”.

Having gained self-assurance and skills, Mustard Tree helped Andrew secure part-time employment at a local golf club, with the potential for increased working hours based on performance.

“When I got offered the job, I was shocked – I thought someone was pranking me. I remember the night vividly, I was watching TV and my mum called me down to deliver the good news. I read the email over and over again in disbelief. I can’t describe the feeling of elation at the fact that someone had given me a chance”.

Building up over the last few months from one day a week, Andrew has now been offered a full-time position by his employer, and is ready to move on from the Freedom Project.

“I was very nervous when I first started, but the lads took me in and saw the potential in me. We have a good laugh whilst being professional at the same time. It’s brilliant to back in full-time work.

My goal now is to run my own restaurant someday (I’ve already got a place in mind – I’m just waiting for the lottery win!). I want to help Mustard Tree in the same way they helped me, by employing Freedom volunteers to work in my kitchen.

Mustard Tree is a family to me. They welcomed me with open arms and accepted me for all my quirks – giving me the confidence to accept me for what I am”.

We wish Andrew all the best in his new full-time position!

Thank you for everything the team did for me. I will always remember Mustard Tree”.

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