[GUEST BLOG]: Embryo Digital’s 5 Best Ways You Can Raise Money For Mustard Tree during COVID-19

During these extremely challenging times, we at Embryo Digital know how difficult things are for people, businesses and, in particular, charities like Mustard Tree.

The coronavirus has meant we’ve all need to chip in and do our bit. Whether that’s clapping for our careers or donating to important charities like Mustard Tree. So, while fundraising and helping people out are at the forefront of peoples minds we thought we’d offer up 5 of the best ways to raise money for Mustard Tree during COVID-19.

Shave Your Head

With all the hairdressers closed there has never been a better time to raise money by shaving your head. All you need is are some clippers and an ounce of confidence. Encourage your friends to donate so they can see the results of your shaving escapades. Or, why not Livestream it on somewhere like Instagram? That’s bound to increase donations!

Run 5k, Donate £5 Then Nominate 5 People

We’ve all been advised by the government to leave the house just once a day so when you can leave, why not raise a bit of money in the process? Not only do you get your daily dose of exercise but you’re also helping the most vulnerable. So, get your running trainers on, run a 5k (sensibly! Making sure you’re following the social distancing guidelines), tag 5 of your friends on social media to do the same and then donate £5 to Mustard Tree. 

Host An Online Quiz

We’re not sure about you but here at Manchester SEO agency Embryo Digital, we’ve never taken part in so many online quizzes! If you’re planning on hosting a quiz in the near future or like the idea of doing so, why not ask your quiz teams to donate some money to Mustard Tree as an admission fee? It’s a great way of getting loved ones or friends together while also donating to an important Manchester charity.

Encourage Your Colleagues To Donate Their Commute

While everyone is working from home or staying inside because they’ve been furloughed, why not try and arrange members of your workplace to donate the money that they would usually spend on their commute? Whether that’s donating the money they might spend on a morning coffee or going all the way and donating their monthly public transport fee. There’s no pressure to donate what you can’t afford, every little helps after all!

Host A Class In A Skill You’re A Specialist In

Are you a coding whizz? Do you have loads of knowledge about a topic? Can you cook? Why not show off your skills, become a teacher for the day and host an online class about something your passionate about. Charge a small donation fee to Mustard Tree then treat people to a class where they’re going to learn something new and exciting.

There Are So Many More!

These are just a few ideas that we here at Embryo Digital came up with but there are bound to be dozens of different ideas that you can use to help raise money for Mustard Tree.

Where Can You Donate?

If you want to donate or fundraise to Mustard Tree there are plenty of ways you can do so. 

You can donate to their Crisis Fund Just Giving page which has, as of the 7th May, raised over £14,000! Or you can donate directly through their website via Virgin Money Giving. The former page is there to subsidise food parcel delivery costs and emergency provisions – two areas where the charity has seen a great surge in demand since the lockdown began. People can also send in standing orders or they can mail through cheques in the post to 110 Oldham Road, Manchester, M4 6AG.

How Your Donations Could Help

£10 could pay for toiletries for somebody rough sleeping and visiting our hubs for emergency items

£12.50 could pay for a food parcel for a vulnerable person who is struggling during the lockdown

£19.50 could pay for a person’s travel costs coming to our hub for support

£100 could pay to a delivery van fuelled and running for a week

For any queries relating to Mustard Tree’s work, please email information@mustardtree.org.uk.

This article for Mustard Tree – Manchester-based charity organisation, was written and published by Manchester SEO agency Embryo Digital.






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