New Vacancy: Support Coordinator

New Vacancy: Support Coordinator


Job Title: Support Coordinator
Responsible To: Services Team Leader
Salary: £21,000-£23,000 depending on experience (equivalent to NJC Salary Payscale points 6-18)
Working Hours: 37.5 hours per week
Location: Salford (Eccles & Little Hulton)
Duration: Permanent


Mustard Tree is a charity that helps people to learn new skills, find work, secure accommodation. Through our community shops we provide food and the resources needed to create a home. We offer warm, creative, and aspirational spaces and opportunities for people to improve their lives.

Role Purpose

Working with the Services Manager and a team of staff and volunteers in the support service function within the Mustard Tree. This role will focus on supporting clients who may be sleeping rough, at risk of homelessness, experiencing debt or financial hardship.  This includes providing effective and high-level customer service and person-centred crisis management approach in our hubs, as well as providing on the job training to our Freedom Trainees. The salary is dependant on experience including experience of leading teams. The role is based in Salford, but willingness to travel across our Salford sites (Eccles & Little Hulton) to provide cover as required is essential.

What you will be doing:

  • Meet and greet visitors, ensuring high level of welcome and customer service is delivered. Accepting donations from donors and asking for their contact details so we can thank them
  • Provide 121 support around a range of enquires including finance, benefits, housing, and effective and well managed signposting into other services including healthcare.
  • Identify any potential risks & wellbeing concerns before they happen, escalating incidents and safeguarding risks, and maintaining a calm, professional manner.
  • Managing enquires from all our service users including people who may be sleeping rough and/or distressed including organising referrals and food parcels
  • Manage and deliver ad-hoc referrals in line with the process and using discretion (quiet space) to provide dignity when completing the referral
  • Answering visitor’s questions about Mustard Tree its services, projects, and activities.
  • Using laptops as well as the retail system to help set up accounts with Mustard Tree for people including using the Master Till to log referrals onto the kudos system
  • Manage the health and safety requirements of the support services including risk assessments, lone working policy, staff wellbeing and incident management

General Work duties:

  • Work within health & safety guidelines and Mustard Tree policies and procedures
  • Supporting other staff and sites, providing practical relief cover for work-streams
  • Take responsibility for professional development, attending training courses as required
  • Leading by example, embodying Mustard Tree values and represent the charity as required
  • Contribute towards being an environmentally responsible organisation as part of day to day activities including recycling and supporting ‘paper-lite’ practices
  • Other tasks and duties relevant to the role as required by the organisation

Personal and Professional Development:

  • To participate in regular professional line management, annual performance review and attendance at team meetings.
  • To be responsible for own personal and professional development, to actively participate in identifying training needs and to be willing to undertake training where a need has been identified and agreed with the line manager, to ensure that an effective service is provided.
  • To maintain knowledge and keep abreast of change in policy, practice and relevant legislation and inform the Manager of these changes.
  • To be able to work outside normal shift patterns as required to cover staff holidays/sickness
  • The post will normally be located at Salford (Eccles & Little Hulton), however, the post holder may be required to cover colleagues at other Mustard Tree sites in Manchester (Ancoats).
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties as directed by the Services Manager that may reasonably fall within the scope of the post.

What we are looking for: Person Specification

Specification Essential / Desirable
Effective communication and good interpersonal skills, including verbal, written and presentation Essential
Flexible and enthusiastic approach, able to work on their own initiative as well as work cooperatively. Essential
Kind and encouraging, and enjoys working with a diverse range of people Essential
Personal accountability with a positive and proactive approach to problem solving Essential
5 x GCSEs including English and Maths, or equivalent qualifications and ability to use IT systems Essential
Minimum of 2 years’ experience working in front line roles within 3rd sector/charity Essential
Experience of working with people who are homeless or in risk of homelessness including managing 121 conversations and providing support Essential
Experience dealing with unsatisfied customers, and decision making. Essential
Knowledge of safeguarding, mental health first aid and incident management including respect for confidentiality Desirable
 Knowledge of health and safety regulations and governance  Desirable


Competency – Role Specific

Requirements of Competency

Technical Expertise – The ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill in an expertise area. ·         Effectively applies experience, knowledge and understanding to solve a range of problems.

·         Possesses an in-depth knowledge and skill in a job specific area.

·         Develops value driven solutions to new or highly complex problems that may not be solved using existing methods or approaches.

·         Is sought out as an expert to provide advice or solution in their job specific area.

·         Keeps informed about cutting-edge developments and skills in the job specific area.

Self-Confidence – Faith in one’s own ideas and capability to be successful, willingness to take an independent position in the face of opposition ·         Is confident of own ability to accomplish goals.

·         Presents self-crisply and impressively.

·         Is willing to speak up to the right person or group at the right time, when they disagree with a decision or strategy.

·         Approaches challenging tasks with a “can do” attitude

Personal Credibility – Demonstrated concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy ·         Does what they commit to doing.

·         Respects the confidentiality of information or concern shared by others.

·         Is honest and forthright with people.

·         Carries their fair share of the workload.

·         Takes responsibility for own mistakes, does not blame others.

·         Conveys a command of the relevant facts and information

Flexibility – Openness to different and new ways of doing things, willingness to modify ones preferred way of doing things ·         Can see the merits of perspectives other than their own.

·         Demonstrates openness to new and existing organisational structures, procedures, and value.

·         Switches to a different strategy when an initially selected one is unsuccessful.

·         Demonstrates willingness to modify a strongly held position in the face of contrary evidence


Competency – Company Wide

Requirements of Competency

Approachabilitythe ability to maintain and develop an approachable demeanour ·         Listens and responds constructively to other team members ideas.

·         Offers support for others’ ideas and proposals.

·         Is open with other team members about his/her concerns.

·         Expresses disagreement constructively by emphasising points of agreement, suggesting alternatives that may be acceptable

·         Reinforces team members for their contributions.

·         Gives honest and constructive feedback to other team members.

·         Aids others where they need it.

·         Works for solutions that all team members can support.

·         Shares his/her expertise with others.

·         Seeks opportunities to work with teams to develop experience and knowledge.

·         Aids, information, or other support to others to build or maintain relationships with team

Providing Motivational SupportThe ability to enhance others commitment to their work ·         Recognises and rewards people for their achievements.

·         Acknowledges and thanks people for their contributions.

·         Expresses pride in the group and encourages people to feel good about their accomplishments.

·         Finds creative ways to make people’s work rewarding.

·         Signals own commitment to a process by being personally present and involved at key events.

·         Identifies and promptly tackles morale problems.

·         Gives talks or presentations that energise groups.

Persuasive Communication – The ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make an impact and persuade their intended audiences ·         Identifies and presents information or data that will have a strong effect on others.

·         Selects languages and examples tailored to the level and experience of the audience.

·         Select stories, analogies, or examples to illustrate a point.

·         Creates graphics, overheads, or slides that display information clearly and with high impact.

·         Presents several different arguments in support of a position.

Customer Orientation – The ability to demonstrate concern for satisfying ones external and/or internal customers ·         Quickly and effectively solves customer/client problems.

·         Talks to customers (Internal and external) to find out what they want and how satisfied they are with what they are getting.

·         Let’s customers know they are willing to work with them to meet their needs.

·         Finds ways to measure and track customer/client satisfaction.

·         Presents a cheerful, positive manner with customers/client

Stress Management – The ability to keep functioning effectively when under pressure and maintain self-control in the face of hostility or provocation ·         Remains calm under stress.

·         Can effectively handle several problems or tasks at once.

·         Controls responses when criticised, attacked, or provoked.

·         Maintains a sense of professionalism under difficult circumstances

Decisiveness – The ability to make difficult decision in a timely manner ·         Is willing to make decisions in difficult or ambiguous situations when time is critical.

·         Takes charge of a group when it is necessary to facilitate change, overcome an impasse, face issues, or ensure that decisions are made.

·         Makes tough decisions

The deadline for applications is Friday 3rd June. The application process is to send your CV to