#RefugeeWeek: Reza’s Story

#RefugeeWeek: Reza’s Story

Reza’s search for much-needed assistance led him to Mustard Tree. After countless unsuccessful attempts to find support, he turned to a trusted friend who recommended the charity as a potential solution.

Reza decided to approach the Mustard Tree to seek help for himself and his family…

Stepping into Mustard Tree, Reza was met with a welcoming and supporting environment that immediately put him at ease. He shared his story and the challenges he faced as a refugee, hoping that Mustard Tree would be able to provide the assistance he desperately needed.

The support team understood the urgency of his situation and promptly offered support. Because of the support of Mustard Tree donors, the charity could quickly step into gear and facilitate a loan to cover the travel expenses required for his family’s relocation.

The weight of uncertainty was lifted off his shoulders, knowing that Mustard Tree was there to support their journey towards safety and stability.

The long-awaited day arrived when Reza’s family finally reunited with him. As he caught sight of his loved ones after an arduous 7 year separation, a wave of overwhelming emotions swept over him.

I just want the paperwork to be finished.

With his family once again by his side, Reza faced the daunting task of building a new life in an unfamiliar country. The transition came with a whole host of challenges; navigating bureaucratic processes, coordinating with various organisations and grappling with paperwork became significant hurdles. As a result, the family’s immediate plans had to be put on hold as they focused on establishing a solid foundation for their lives.

Amidst the obstacles, Mustard Tree continued to provide support for Reza and his family. Reza found solace in his interactions with Courtney, who went above and beyond to assist. Her guidance in registering Reza’s children for school – a task which at first seemed perplexing and overwhelming – proved to be invaluable. Mustard Tree’s commitment to their well-being gave Reza renewed hope and strength to overcome the challenges they faced.

Fix your basic life. Manage your family. Follow your dreams.

Reflecting on his journey with Mustard Tree, Reza expressed his gratitude, and allowed us to share his story in the hope that others may read it and also reach out for support. We last spoke to Reza after visiting Mustard Tree, where Courtney was helping sort out his Council Tax. His friend who has been with him throughout the process summed up the situation perfectly: “fix your basic life, manage your family, follow your dreams”.

“I can see the light of the future”, Reza added.

Please support us

Quite simply, we would not be able to help Reza and his family without your support. By joining our High Fivers campaign, you are helping to remove barriers for Reza by funding travel expenses, or paying for support workers to make 1-2-1 support possible.

Thank you as always for your kindness and contributions. For more information about Refugee Week or our work, please email information@mustardtree.org.uk.

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