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The VCSE Learning, Skills and Work programme is funded via a three-year partnership with the Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation Trust (AGCF). In addition to the AGCF grant, Salford City Council is funding the coordination of the programme by Salford CVS.


The programme aims to provide a range of services to support, train and prepare people furthest from the job market to gain skills and employment via the strong charity sector in Salford and aligns with Salford City Council’s wider approach to education, training and employment.

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The programme comprises a range of complementary projects run by specialists in the charity sector that support those furthest from the job market towards gaining training, skills, volunteering, work experience and employment; with Salford CVS managing the whole programme. Salford City Council are funding the coordination of the programme by Salford CVS, which will provide the glue to make all elements of the initiative work to their fullest and to ensure that the programme remains responsive and flexible to those who most need support.

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The Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation

Delivery will be undertaken by five ‘core’ charity partners: Groundwork Greater Manchester, Mustard Tree, Salford Foundation, Salford Loaves & Fishes and The Broughton Trust. Their work will be augmented by the spot-purchase of specialist provision. In addition, there will also be a small grant fund for charities and VCSE organisations that can deliver in support of this programme.

The process for each individual supported will be as follows:

Assessment => Initial interventions => Preparation for training => Training / Experience => Job brokerage => Support to secure work => Support when in work

For more information about the programme contact the VCSE Learning, Skills and Work Programme Manager – Tanina Sheath

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