Corporate Volunteering

All corporate partners have the opportunity to volunteer with us. From a few hours to a whole day of team building – we are happy to be flexible! Get a team organised and work together to learn new skills or share your knowledge and experience with the people who come to Mustard Tree for help. Volunteering opportunities are in real demand at Mustard Tree, so we can usually only offer these opportunities to companies who can also fundraise.

The Job Club is genuinely one of the best things I have done this year. We ran through an application form to apply for a mock job and how to answer typical questions; such as tell me a success you have had and how you achieved it? We worked on celebrating successes they may have had and giving advice and guidance. The session was amazing, seeing that you can make a genuine difference from giving such a small amount of time. It truly put things into perspective for me, some things we miss or take for granted. I think every single person would truly enjoy the experience, I would honestly go back in a heartbeat and hope to.


Lauren Richardson

/ Liquid Personnel


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