Our Approach

Our approach

Our work is not just with people who are rough sleeping, we work to tackle the causes as well as the consequences of homelessness. As a result, our client group comes from various backgrounds and experience multiple barriers:


Stated background                                 % of service users      

Poor mental health                                       49%

Recovering from addictions                        17%

Homeless or at risk of homelessness        18%

Offending                                                        20%

Refugee/asylum seeker status                    35%

Disability/learning difficulty/ill health    27%

More than one of the above               37%

Irrespective of background, everyone who comes to Mustard Tree is treated as an individual – we move away from simply categorising someone as homeless, unemployed, an asylum seeker, or someone with an offending background and tailor our services to create opportunities which enable people to meet their self-determined goals.

This holistic, flexible, person-centred approach, in a safe and welcoming space enables people to ultimately achieve greater resilience and wellbeing.


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