Volunteering With Mustard Tree

Do you have a hobby or interest that you’d like to share? Do you have experiences and skills that could help people rediscover their confidence and reignite their potential?

If you want to help us to provide services and create opportunities for the people across Greater Manchester, then becoming a ‘Friend Of’ may just be the thing for you!

Why become a ‘Friend Of’? 

To meet people – Chat with and support a variety of people from across Greater Manchester alongside staff, trainees and fellow volunteers. There’s lots of opportunities for coffees, lunches and conversations!

To build experience – Gain first-hand experience in the 3rd sector, and build your knowledge of how a charity like Mustard Tree operates, from helping our support team with triaging and advocacy to administration on our Helpdesk.

No two days are the same – Every day is an adventure at Mustard Tree; you’ll always have the chance to try lots of different roles. A morning in the Community Shop, an afternoon helping an Art Class!

To help combat poverty and prevent homelessness across GM – Make a tangible difference in your community by helping solve problems, provide support and deliver training

Volunteering with us usually takes two forms:

  1. Supporting our day-to-day, immediate services. These are usually front facing, people orientated roles where you help solve a problem or provide a service there and then; volunteering in our Food Club, Community Shop, Reception, Helpdesk and Warehouse. Typically, these roles run Monday to Saturday, from 8:45am until 2:30pm.
  2. Leading, supporting or creating a class, club or activity. Our current activities timetable can be found here. Mustard Tree are always looking for talented and passionate people, who are happy to help run our programming. The positions are one to three hours a week, the same time every week. We’re always looking to create more opportunities, so if you have any ideas for classes, clubs, activities or events that we do not currently run, please still get in touch; we’d love to hear your ideas!

Of course, we’re more than happy for you to support both our offers – If you’re an IT expert who also wants to deliver some furniture, great!




Priority Vacancies

Art Session Facilitator 

Creative Writing Facilitator 

Textiles Session Facilitator 

Conversation Club / ESOL Support Facilitator 

Friday Job Club

Not sure who to contact? Send a message below and we’ll get back to you.

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